Opening of the [email protected] Park

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January 19, 2019
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January 20, 2019

Opening of the [email protected] Park

January 19th, 2019, the [email protected] Park opened its doors. It is a space that uses technology to offer new spiritual experiences and a new mode of evangelization. It is located in Parque Oscar.

The park includes a section made by the Ramón Pané Foundation, known especially for its popular game Follow JC Go. Its president, Ricardo Grzona, was inspired by the efforts of Pané, the first evangelist in the Americas because he learned the local languages to bring the gospel to everyone he could. “Because of this, the Ramón Pané Foundation wants to use the modern media, which are the new languages of the youth, to present the only gospel that exists, the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ,” Their main goal is to spread prayer through the Lectio Divina through the new technologies/.

The Ramón Pané Foundation’s tent offers a variety of experiences using technology. Their primary activity is a brief video shown in 4-D, using virtual reality lenses, narration, music, and aromas to immerse the viewer into the history of Salvation–with a special focus on the mystery of the Annunciation, central in this World Youth Day. After that, viewers move into another area with a Kinect and Karaoke, where viewers can sing and dance a song to Virgin Mary together with Angel Gabriel. This second experience” uses both karaoke and Kinect movement recognition.

Grzona shared how this park came about, “The idea was of Monsignor, who wanted us to have technology…it’s a great novelty that Monsignor José Domingo Ulloa gave us as a great challenge, and we accept it proudly with joy.”

Pilgrims can sing “Here I am” (“Aquí estoy”) with Angel Gabriel in the Ramón Pané Foundation tent.

Those who want to participate in the [email protected] activity are invited to register in advance through the official webpage, found here. It is recommended, to avoid lines, but pilgrims may also drop by and register on-site. The Ramón Pané activity can host up to 40 people every 15 minutes.

Vive Studios is also present in this space, offering a brief video with clips from its recently released virtual reality film “7 Miracles,” which was presented at the renowed Raindance Film Festival. The film was directed by Rodrigo Cerqueira and co-directed by Marco Spagnoli. This incredibly heart-warming 7-minute summary gives the viewer the opportunity to feel as if he were standing by Jesus in scenes of the Gospel according to John. This is possible thanks to its 360 format, screened through HTC Focus wireless headsets.

People watching the “7 Miracles” clip on turning stools, chosen to help viewers see all 360 degrees recorded.

Another central activity is the video projected by the Jesus Film Project. This organization, which will be forty years old this year, has the mission to spread the gospel through movies and videos. They have translated the Jesus film–which narrates Jesus’s life according to the Gospel of Luke–to over 1400 languages, and they plan to translate it to 100 more languages every year. They find films to be a great way to spread the Gospel to everyone but in particular those who cannot read. A representative affirmed that they have shown the film at least once in every country and they want to use videos to share the gospel, even taking generators to remote villages without electricity. The Jesus Film Project also has a variety of other videos and a phone app where all of them can be accessed, in every language. They will be screening a video that mixes deep gospel messages with an introduction to their initiative as late as 11:00 pm.

Pilgrims singing “Here I am” (“Aquí estoy”) with Angel Gabriel.

Many other activities will be offered in this Park through the week, including concerts and Adoration led by some of the best-known Catholic artists from around the world. This production is supported by the Oregon Catholic Press.

The park will be open until next Saturday. The times and activities for each of the days can be found here.