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January 11, 2019
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January 9, 2019
The Lord wants you to be with Him and will fight to achieve it!
That is how my WYD experience began. I have felt the Lord’s presence in my life since from a young age, and He has given me small moments to let me know that He wants me to find Him, that he wants my feelings to mirror His, and for my heart to be able to look at the world with love.
I was 14 years old, and somewhat unaware of how to live my faith, that I attended my first WYD in Madrid 2011, throwing myself head first into an encounter that lit a spark of love that has only increased over the years, and that obviously encouraged me to attend Rio 2013. It was then, where standing among 4 million people that I felt for a second time that devotion, that joy that we can only experience, as well as transmit and pass on, when we truly open our heart.
When I found out that WYD 2019 would take place in Panama, something stirred inside me as I knew that the Lord had something in store for me, as many Godincidences started to take place. The Lord started to place several questions in my heart, all of which echo during WYD, and lead you to delve deep and find that moment to stop and rethink your mission in life; or really to think about what God want from you. It’s these questions that have been bubbling since 2011, so that now that I’m serving in this WYD as a volunteer, I can realize where He wants me to be, where I can continue to serve with joy, love, and with all the gifts and talents He continues to give me.
Being a volunteer during this WYD in Panama has been a complete Grace, as it has been a constant surrender of love, where I can see how that that “Let it be” (with all that it implies) in all those lives (mine included) makes that Yes from Mary ALWAYS makes sense.
Melissa Perez, Panama