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January 10, 2019
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January 8, 2019
I attended WYD for the first time in 2016. I chose to be a volunteer in the Communications department’s International Content team. While this was not the first time I covered an event like this as a journalist, this was completely different. The organizing team put all of their trust in us.
WYD gave me incredible serenity next to Jesus. It was difficult to attend the masses and events those two weeks, partly due to the language barrier but also because I was constantly busy writing the articles. However, I was able to feel the strength of the Gospel when I wrote, as if each of my complications was answered.
That strength was also due to the team, made up from people of every corner of the world, working together to write articles in all of the nine official languages of WYD. It was in that office, where over 20 volunteers were sharing the workload, you could feel the same emotions that were all over the streets of Krakow. Well, I should say that we didn’t dance and we hardly sang. However, in that space we helped one another, we shared and were open with each other.
I wasn’t able to be at the Field of Mercy for the Vigil. But we made our own vigil, following the one on the TV while we worked. We were writing with excitement all the articles of the pilgrimage and testimonies. That´´ why, when the Pope asked us to build bridges, we took each other’s hands and felt as if we had been transported to the Field. When the adoration began, we got up to pray - I never imagined I would be praying in front of a screen.
Those moments made me understand that regardless of where we are, or what we’re doing, if we place ourselves wholeheartedly in the service of Our Lord, He will fill us with infinite joy.
Anne Laure, France