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January 8, 2019
January 6, 2019
When I was asked to attend WYD in Krakow as part of the press committee, my heart immediately said yes. However, in my mind I knew this would be an unexpected expense. So I decided to hold off on buying a car and use the money for the trip, as I knew that the experience would indeed change my life. I do cinematography more as a hobby than considering myself an expert in the matter. Yet, I trusted the gift God gave me and took on the task of capturing through video and photography the most iconic moments from Krakow 2016. As this was my first WYD experience, I never expected to see so many people gathered under the same vision and mission, even with the low likelihood of seeing the Pope up close. However, I had the chance to see him and capture some of the most iconic images for Panama.
Eliasib Hernández, Panama