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January 20, 2019
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January 18, 2019
He had been participating in various movements, apostolates and youth groups for several years. I had finished my university career and discern my vocation in spiritual exercises. I felt a strong call from God to serve and prepare me professionally. Just for the WYD 2002 I finished my career, so I could not participate; That's why I wanted to prepare for 2005. As part of the Youth Ministry I joined the team that was preparing the delegation to Cologne, where I could participate.
Before the pilgrimage to Cologne, I clearly felt that God did not call me to consecrated life. I thought that my path in the Church came up there. With that idea I took my suitcase and went to Cologne. I met many people, we lived intense moments that united us as brothers, friends and fellow pilgrims. One of the highlights was the Prayer Vigil in Marienfeld, an unforgettable moment for me. The pilgrimage confirmed what I already felt: my way was not consecrated life.
Due to the cold, two companions fell ill and were taken to the WYD field hospital and some of us accompanied them. There we spent one more night, with the fear of missing the flight back the next day. Actually the only one who could lose the flight was me. They took me to the train station, for more than 2 and a half hours I traveled from Dusseldorf to Frankfurt. You can contemplate the beauty of the Rhine River, a beauty that made me pray and give thanks to God for all I have lived. In that prayer I began, to tell God what I had planned, a master's degree, marry Yesi and grow professionally. That's how I said goodbye to years of movements, choirs, groups and apostolates. Just as the prayer ended, I started crying in the train car. People consoled me and I just managed to say that I do not worry, that I was fine. I cried with joy because I felt a great peace in my heart and a strong motion that said: "This continues ... we are not finished".
It's been 14 years of that moment and I'm still moved every time I remember it. I have been part of several projects of the Youth Ministry and the preparation of the Delegations of Panama for WYD in Sydney, Madrid, Rio and Krakow. Now I am part of the Local Organizing Committee of the WYD 2019.
My plans he made yours. My family, my studies, my jobs, my apostolates, were not mine, if not from Him. I can only tell you that you are a little younger than me, that it does not matter what your plans are, when you give them to God, He makes you great, very great. You just have to be carried away by Him, discern and be generous. The one that can give 3, that does not give 2.
Víctor Chang, Panama