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January 19, 2019
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January 17, 2019
As soon as I started the plans to go to WYD on Panama, things start getting complicates in my country until entering into a big socio-political crisis. However, Jesus never left me down and he shown me his mercy into every step that I did.
I travelled to Panama a lot before in order to start my volunteering letting behind my family, mys school and my work. At the beginning, I was scared, indeed, it was the first time I left my country and I did not knew what to expect.
When I arrived into the country there was a problem with my transport toward my accomodation, that's made me change my plane and met two person from the team that welcomed me in their home as family.
I took the opportunity to spend my Days in the Diocese of Chitré, discovering their celebrations and also part of their history. Ah! without forgetting the food. In the Province of Los Santos I also discovered some of their beaches and parcs.
I am really happy to live my first WYD and to be a volunteer being an instrument of evangelization. This is an opportunity to meet up with Jesus and to change our lives forever.
Mara Ethelgive, Nicaragua