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January 18, 2019
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January 16, 2019
I am convinced that "God put each of us in the right place." I say that because I know that he wanted me to be in the Web Communication team of WYD, appointed for news of the Days in the Dioceses in Panama and Costa Rica. I started this adventure with the will to serve God.
As a journalist, I have gained unexplainable experience, but spiritually, I experience two special moments in my life. One day, the symbols of WYD reached my parish before I was a volunteer for WYD. I faced them without feeling anything, but I never imagined that later, I would see them again and again. With all the information that my diocese sent me, each time, I felt that these symbols were touching my heart when I saw so many people kneeling down with tears in theirs eyes. I had the image that defined the reason for this mission where many young people from the Ngäbe Buglé indigenous community soaking wet from rain were holding "this Cross" with so much love. This cross that in some moment touched me just at its sight. Thanks to these articles, I learned the meaning of the symbols of WYD.
I met a lot of people, but one in particular taught me how, despite the socials problems that exist in his country, his perseverance and over all his faith helped him to continue this call of following Christ. Kevin Orozco from Nicaragua is 17 years old. I met him when he was volunteering in his diocese, after the announcement that Nicaragua couldn’t be part of pre-WYD, "his sadness, became mine," but he continued working, praying, without losing hope; and his dream came true. When he told me almost crying that he was registered for WYD, I was filled with joy. May God bless him.
Milagros Tejedor, Panama