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December 12, 2018
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December 10, 2018
It has been more than 30 years on the road of WYDs. I am forever grateful to God for being able to participate eight times as a pilgrim, volunteer, organizer, and spectator in each of them. These are memories that I treasure and continue to be moving, inspiring, unforgettable, and unrepeatable.
I can say that World Youth Day has inspired my everyday life. I like to live feeling like a pilgrim of faith surrendered to God’s Will while on the road, who lives this adventure of faith, and then together as a Church where we are one with the risen Jesus. I am a pilgrim whose heart beats together with other young hearts with the hope of always being willing to each new appointment that the Holy Father calls us to; each day we have a family that awaits us, parents that embrace us, brothers and sisters to share our way of being and living, perhaps we do not speak the same language and we think that we can only understand each other a little bit…. but as pilgrims we all want to participate in this great feast of the youth, we prepare our hearts to live and to discover spiritually and sacramentally the surprises that the Lord has reserved for us in each new edition.
Panama will be no exception…in the next 100 days, it will become the capital, which will embrace the Catholic Youth who go on pilgrimage to Latin America from all the ends of the earth. It will be the seat of the Young Church that arrives overflowing with joy to flood the city and where we are invited with our missionary feeling to evangelize the young continent, the continent of hope!
A continent that will be full of Grace! The Grace of our Mother Mary who already intercedes before our Father so that all of us who make the pilgrimage to Jesus from other lands may feel the power of the Holy Spirit and be witnesses of love during this experience of WYD PANAMA 2019.
Luisa Vilchez, Venezuela