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December 7, 2018
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December 5, 2018
In the context of a separated family and a world that claims that if you have a career you will have everything: self-sufficiency, power, success what it takes to be "happy"; where loneliness is profit. Learning my faith, I discovered that "it is not good to be alone." I was bewildered. I was afraid and decided that a consecrated life was the best.
However, God didn't agree and I met Ivan, my husband. I loved him, but I didn't see myself in a family. When I knew he was going to ask me to marry him, I was very happy but terrified. When we went with the Guatemalan Pilgrim Group to WYD in Kraków. An entire family was part of the group and, although at that time I did not realize, God was working in my mind and my heart.
In the museum of Saint John Paul II, the theme was the family, the children. During the Days in the Diocese, they showed our relationship with God as a marriage and they mentioned the Wedding at Cana. I was surprised observing the interaction of the family that went in our group and I discovered that what God says is possible. At the end of WYD, Ivan asked me to marry him and I said Yes! Every time we get upset, I remember that God changed my way of thinking so that we could be a family so I will not give up.
Ivonne Rodríguez, Guatemala