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January 17, 2019
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January 15, 2019
This is the first WYD I'll ever go. My testimony begins when my weak Faith begins to stagger and doubt some mysteries, on this occasion it was Mary's, I believed that with Jesus alone there was no need to resort to her, and so little by little I moved away from her. A little sister invited me to consecrate myself to Mary (just when I was in this inner conflict), and I realized that she was still calling me, but I find it difficult to approach her as the loving mother she is. When I read the Pope's message to the next WYD and realized that she is Marian I felt a great call in my heart to participate in it, but I found obstacles so much of economy, lack of organization in my diocese, apart from friends and relatives who told me that it was impossible (even within the Church). I shared with my boyfriend my desire to go, at that time he did not give much importance, but then he was contacted by his brothers of the MSP who had places for WYD in case he knew some young people who wanted to go, he remembered me, we invited one more friend, and when he saw the opportunity, the 3 of us began to work, doing raffles, sales and so on, having the support of my parish and forania to carry out these activities. And with one more loan, we managed to raise the money (since in a few months we were not going to be able to raise so much). And thanks to God and to the Virgin Mary we are already preparing the last details, to go and listen to what God has to tell us about Him and His Mother who I have seen has been the great intercessor in all this.
Cristal Arellanes, Mexico