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November 27, 2018
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November 25, 2018
Some years ago, I was able to live my first WYD in Sydney 2008. After some time, a group formed in my diocese to go to WYD Rio 2013. I invited my sister to share this great experience with her. The whole preparation with our group was incredible. We shared experiences and prepared together with our group.
Days before the trip, we had a big problem. Everything seemed to indicate that we wouldn't be able to participate in WYD. But, with the support of our families and with great faith, we were able to Volta Redonda city 3 days later than planned for the Days in the Dioceses.
My sister and I were hosted together and our host family could not have been better. We felt very at home the whole time. We were sad to leave them, but we left with our hearts full of the Holy Spirit. And so we were on our way to Rio de Janeiro.
Again we were able to stay together in one house in a city close by called Niteroi. Our new host family was lovely. They even bought a cake for my sister who was celebrating her birthday that week.
The experience of WYD in Rio was astounding. God blessed us with two beautiful host families. Living faith together with other youth from around the world, catecheses with cardinals in your own language, being with millions gathered together on Copacabana beach in a vigil with Pope Francis. It's an experience of faith that every young person should live at least once in a lifetime and I was able to live it twice already.
We returned very happy, full of God's love to share with everyone.
Ana Lucía Reyes , Mexico