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November 23, 2018
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November 21, 2018
My first WYD was in Poland. My faith was alive and I wanted to know what a WYD would be like, I wanted to know that experience. It must have been something very big to attract as many young people as I saw in the videos on youtube. This would be my first WYD and certainly not my last because all the WYDs that happen throughout our youth have a reason.
Poland was waiting for us and has left its mark on many souls, among them, mine.
The history of Poland has forged the Christian spirit of the nation in an incredible way, so the environment in which we moved was the most favorable to get the most out of this experience. In addition, I was prepared and had the necessary tools for that to happen. And one way or another, it happened. Because I didn't come back the same.
Those Masses with an infinite number of people, because those who are watching at home also count, and with a silence that says it all, touches the soul. We were Christ's disciples, united, loving one another as he has loved us, gaining strength to conquer the world under his banner, with his love. Just after communion, it was impossible that, so many people having received communion, so many people having Christ within, like me, you could not perceive his presence there, with us, guiding us along the way. A path that I do not walk the same as before, that I am following now with all the Christians of the world, together, not only with those of my parish. WYD opened my eyes, it gave me experiences, it showed me the world and it brought me closer to Christ. It showed me that the Church is one and that only there will I become a saint, which is what we are all called to.
María Palfi, Spain