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January 13, 2019
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January 11, 2019
"Hello brothers of the world! My name is Jorge and I would like to dedicate my testimony to all of you, young people, who like me, have not yet experienced a World Youth Day and who year after year long to be in one.
I began to know WYD since it was held in Rio and immediately my soul moved so much that I wanted to participate without a doubt; the years passed and we were given the joyful news that my parish would travel to Krakow to meet with so many young people from around the world. For me it was very bittersweet because for economic and other reasons it was very difficult for me to participate, but I never left the hope that I could live it. Many of my friends if they could travel and participate in it so it was almost as if I was with them, to see their smiles, their tears through videos and photos again filled my heart.
After this I decided that I would go to the next World Youth Day (not knowing what it would be like in my country). After Pope Francis announced with great fervor that my small home would be in 2019, the heart and capital of youth, only tears could run down my face; it was when I understood that God knows how to give his children the best things in the perfect moments. After this my desire was to be a pilgrim, but sometimes God acts in such an exceptional way and knowing that the road would not be easy, he made a call in me, giving me the opportunity to serve him as a volunteer for WYD Panama 2019, where today, with much joy, passion and love I am serving and prepared to go hand in hand with my country. Accompanied by our mother Mary, I learned to say Yes with love, with strength, with hope, but above all a yes, full of courage.
Young people, never give up, keep on working hard, keep on filling the world with your joy, keep on being who you are and keep on making trouble. Remember that everything that you are makes you perfect before God and just as it is my turn to live this experience, I know that you will be able to do it too.
Jorge Ledezma, Panama