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October 24, 2018
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October 23, 2018
In 2015 an aunt that was like a second mum for me, past away from an heart attack. I did not succeed to overcome her death. Definitively it was hurting too much and I was mad at God for taking my aunt suddenly like that, without giving me the opportunity to say goodbye to her. Similarly I had planned in 2016 to go to Poland for WYD and I remember perfectly one day where the public transport crashed and where we took more than 5 hour in train to reach our accommodation, yet, the day after we had planned to go to the Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy. Part of us tired from the previous day decided not to go, Me I was very tired and I was considering staying, but finally I decided to go.
When I arrived I met a Guatemalan woman who has been deeply touch when seeing me with the flag and she asked me to take a picture with the flag. I accepted and she told me “When you enter look at Jesus’ eyes and loose yourself into his sight...” I entered, and someone gave me a small paper, in spanish (very rare in Poland, where everything were in English and Polish) and it said: “If you pray the Crown of Mercy to a dying person, I will be with her, not like a Judge but like a merciful Savior”.
I remembered the day when my aunt passed away; with my mum we praid a 20 times the Crown of Mercy and then I succeed to see my aunt in the arms of Jesus very happy and peaceful. I don’t know how it happened but I ended up crying in the shrine, for more or less an hour, in front of Jesus. When I got out from the Sanctuary, I was a new person, more alive, more happy, with a giant weight left, in peace. I met Mercy in my pain, I met peace and pardon, I found myself again with a new heart, full of love, ready to enjoy life and be grateful of having it.
Sheidy Castillo, Guatemala